European Political Parties

It was only with the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 that political parties were mentioned for the first time on a European level.
Today it is a regulation dating back to 2003 which defines them.

Several criteria enable the definition of a European political party: its legal personality, its representativeness on a national level or during the previous European elections, its respect for the founding principles of the European Union and finally its participation in the European elections.

Every year the European Union publishes an appeal in view of granting a subsidy to finance European political parties.
The procedures enables it to check that the criteria for the acquisition of European political party status are being respected and to define the total of the subsidy being granted, which cannot exceed 85% of the eligible costs of the functioning budgets of these parties.

We should not confuse European political parties and the “political groups” within the European Parliament which were formed informally when the European Community of Steel and Coal was established in 1952.
A political group rallies the MEPs of various Member States together with the same political leanings.

European People’s Party (EPP)

site :
Candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission: Manfred Weber

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
GermanyChristlich-demokratische Union (CDU)

Christlich-soziale Union (CSU)
Christian Democratic Union

Social Christian Union
AustriaÖsterreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP)Austrian People’s Party
BelgiumVlaamse christendemocratische partij (CD&V)

Centre démocrate humaniste (CDH)
Democratic Christian and Flemish Party
BulgariaГраждани за европейско развитие на България (ГЕРБ)

Демократи за силна България (ДСБ)

Съюз на демократичните сили (СДС)

Демократическа партия (Дп)
Citizens for the European development of Bulgaria

Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria

Union of Democratic Forces

Democratic Party
CyprusΔημοκρατικός Συναγερμός (ΔΗ.ΣΥ.)Democratic Assembly
CroatiaHrvatska Demokratska Zajednica (HDZ)

Croatian Democratic Union
DenmarkDet Konservative Folkeparty (C)

Kristendemokraterne (KD)
Conservative People’s Party

Christian Democracy
SpainPartido Popular (PP)

. Unió Democràtica de Catalunya / Unión Democrática de Cataluña (UDC)
People’s Party, PP

Democratic Union of Catalonia, UDC
EstoniaIsamaa ja Res Publica Liit (IRL) Pro Patria Union and Res Publica, IRL
FinlandKansallinen Kokoomus (KOK)

Kristillisdemokraatit (KD)
National Coalition Party, KOK

Christian Democrats, KD
FranceLes RépublicainsLes Républicains
GreeceΝέα Δημοκρατία (ΝΔ)New Democracy ND
HungaryFidesz - Magyar Polgari Szovetseg (FIDESZ) Hungarian Civic Union (Fidesz)
IrelandFine Gael (FG) The Clan of Gaëls (FG)
ItalyIl Popolo della Libertà (PdL)

Unione di Centro (UdC)

Unione dei Democratici per l'Europa - Popolari per il Sud (UDEUR)

Südtiroler Volkspartei (SVP)
People of Freedom

Centre Union

Union of Democrats for Europe

South Tyrolean People's Party
LithuaniaTėvynės sąjunga - Lietuvos krikščionys demokratai (TS-LKD) Patriotic Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats, TS-LKD
LuxembourgChrëschtlech Sozial Vollekspartei (CSV) Social Christian People’s Party
MaltaPartit Nazzjonalista (PN) Nationalist Party (PN)
NetherlandsChristen Democratisch Appel (CDA) Christian Democratic Appel (CDA)
PolandPlatforma Obywatelska (PO)

Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe (PSL)

Civic Plaform, PO

Polish Farmers' Party
PortugalPartido Social Democrata (PSD)

Centro Democrático e Social - Partido Popular (CDS-PP)
Social Democratic Party, PSD

People’s Party
Czech RepublicTOP 09

Křesťanská a demokratická unie – Československá strana lidová (KDU-ČSL)
TOP 09

Christian Democratic Union – Czechoslavakian People’s Party
RomaniaPartidul Democrat Liberal (PDL)

Romániai Magyar Demokrata Szövetség / Uniunea Democrată Maghiară din România (RMDSZ / UDMR)

Partidul Naţional Ţărănesc Creştin Democrat (PNŢCD)
Democratic Liberal Party, PDL

Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania, RMDS

National Christian Democratic Farmers’ Party, PNTCD
SlovakiaKresťanskodemokratické hnutie (KDH)


Slovenská demokratická a kresťanská únia – Demokratická strana (SDKÚ-DS)

Strana Maďarskej Komunity / Magyar Közösség Pártja (SMK/MKP)
Democratic Christian Movement

Most-Hid (Bridge)

Slovakian Democratic and Christian Union

Hungarian Coalition Party
SloveniaSlovenska demokratska stranka (SDS)

Slovenska ljudska stranka (SLS)

Nova Slovenija – Krščanski demokrati (N.Si)
Slovenian Democratic Party

Slovenian People's Party

New Slovenia-People’s Christian Party
SwedenModerata samlingspartiet (Moderaterna) (MOD)

Kristdemokraterna (KD)
Moderate Assembly Party

Christian Democracy

Party of European Socialists (PES)

site :
pseCandidate for the Presidency of the European Commission : Frans Timmermans

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
Germany Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD)Social Democratic Party of Germany
AustriaSozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs (SPÖ)Social Democratic Party of Austria
BelgiumSocialistische partij Anders (SPA)

Parti socialiste (PS)
Socialist Party - Different
BulgariaБългарска социалистическа партия, (БСП)
Bulgarian Socialist Party
CyprusΚίνημα Σοσιαλδημοκρατών (ΕΔΕΚ) Social Democratic Movement
CroatiaSocijaldemokratska Partija Hrvatske (SDP) Social Democratic Party
DenmarkSocialdemokraterne (SD)Social Democratic Party
SpainPartido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE) Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, PSOE
EstoniaSotsiaaldemokraatlik Erakond (SDE) Social Democratic Party
FinlandSuomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue (SDP) Social Democratic Party
FranceParti socialiste (PS) Socialist Party
GreeceΠανελλήνιο Σοσιαλιστικό Κίνημα (ΠΑΣΟΚ)Panhellenic Socialist Movement, PASOK
HungaryMagyarorszagi Szocialdemokrata Párt (MSZDP)

Magyar Szocialista Párt (MSZP)
Hungarian Social Democratic Party

Hungarian Socialist Party
IrelandLabour Party Labour Party
ItalyPartito socialista italiano (PSI) Italian Socialist Party
LithuaniaLietuvos Socialdemokratu Partija (LSDP) Lithuanian Social Democratic Party
LuxembourgLëtzebuerger sozialistesch Aarbechterpartei (LSAP) Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party
MaltaPartit laburista Labour Party
NetherlandsPartij Van De Arbeid (PvdA) Labour Party
PolandUnia Pracy (UP)

Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznei (SLD)
Labour Union

Democratic Left Alliance
PortugalPartido socialista (PS) Socialist Party
Czech RepublicČeská strana sociálně demokratická (ČSSD) Czech Social Democratic Party
RomaniaPartidul social democrat (PSD) Social Democratic Party
United KingdomLabour Party (LP)

Páirtí Sóisialta Daonlathach an Lucht Oibre (SDLP)
Labour Party

Social Democratic and Labour Party
SlovakiaSociálna demokracia (SMER) Social Democracy
SloveniaSocialni Demokrati (SD) Social Democrat
SwedenSveriges Socialdemokratiska Arbetareparti (SAP) Swedish Social Democratic Party

Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (AECR)

site :
Candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission : Jan Zahradil

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
BelgiumLibertair, Direct, Democratisch (LDD) Flemish Liberals and Democrats
CroatiaHrvatska stranka prava dr. Ante Starčević (HSP) Croatian Right Party Ante Starcevic
HungaryModern Magyarország Mozgalom [1] (MoMa) Movement for a Modern Hungary
ItalyConservatori Social Reformatori (CSR) Movement of Conservative Social Reformers, CSR
LatviaTēvzemei un Brīvībai/LNNK For the Fatherland and Freedom
LithuaniaAkcja Wyborcza Polaków na Litwie (AWPL) Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania
LuxembourgAlternativ Demokratesch Reformpartei (ADR)
Alternative Democratic Reform Party
PolandPrawo i Sprawiedliwość (PIS)

Polska jest Najważniejsza (PJN)
Law and justice

Poland is the most important
Czech RepublicObčanská Demokratická Strana (ODS) Democratic Civic Party
RomaniaNoua Republică (PNR) New Republic
United KingdomConservative Party

Ulster Unionist Party (UUP)
Conservative Party

Ulster Unionist Party
SlovakiaObčianska konzervatívna strana (OKS) Conservative Civic Party
1. Party affiliated to a group - not a European party






























































Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE)

site :

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
GermanyFreie Demokratische Partei Liberal Democratic Party
AustriaLiberales Forum Liberal Forum
BelgiumMouvement Réformateur

Open Vlaamse Liberalen en Democraten
Reform Movement

Flemish Liberals and Democrats
BulgariaMovement for Rights and Freedoms

National Movement for Stability and Prosperity
Movement for rights and freedom

National Movement for Stability and Progress
CyprusDémocrates Unis United Democrats
CroatiaHrvatska narodna stranka – liberalni demokrati

Hrvastka socijalno-liberalna stranka

Istartski demokratski sabor
Croatian People’s Party

Croatian Social Liberal Party

Istrian Democratic Assembly
DenmarkDet Radikale Venstre

Venstre Danmarks Liberale Parti
Radical Left

Danish Liberal Left
SpainConvergència Democràtica de Catalunya

Centro Democràtico Liberal
Democratic Convergence of Catalonia, CDC

Democratic Liberal Centre


Centre Party

Reform Party
FinlandAländsk Center

Suomen Keskusta

Svenska Folkpartiet
Aländsk Centre

Centre Party

Swedish People’s Party
IrelandFianna Fail Republican Party
ItalyItaia Dei Valori-Lista di Pietro

Radicali italiani
Italy of Values

Radical Italians
LithuaniaDarbo Partija

Liberalu centro sajunga

Lietuvos Respublikos Liberalu Sajudis
Labour Party

Centrist and Liberal Union

Liberal Movement
LuxembourgDemokratesch Partei Democratic Party
NetherlandsVolkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie

Democraten 66
People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy

Democrats 1966
PolandPartia DemokratycznaDemocratic Party
Czech RepublicLiberàlni Demokraté Liberal Democrat
RomaniaPartidul National Liberal National Liberal Party
United KingdomLiberal Democrats Liberal Democrat
SlovakiaSloboda a Solidarita Freedom and Solidarity
SloveniaDrzavljanska Lista

Liberalna Demokracija Slovenije

Zares – socialno liberalni (
Citizens' List

Slovenian Liberal Democracy

Real, the Social Liberals

Folkpartiet Liberalerna
Centre Party

People’s Party –the Liberals

European Left

site :

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
GermanyDie Linke

Deutsche Kommunistische Partei
The Left

Communist Party of Germany
AustriaKommunistische Partei Österreichs Communist Party of Austria
BelgiumCommunist Party Wallonie-Bruxelles Communist Party Wallonie-Bruxelles
BulgariaBulgarian Left
Bulgarian Left
CyprusBirleşik Kibris Partisi

Yeni Kıbrıs Partisi

Ανορθωτικό Κόμμα Εργαζόμενου Λαού
Party fro Unity of Cyprus

New Party of Cyprus

The Progressive Party of Working People
DenmarkEnhedslisten - De Rød-Grønne Red-Green Alliance
SpainEsquerra unida i alternativa

Izquierda Unida

Partido comunista de España
United and Alternative Left

United Left

Communist Party of Spain
FinlandSuomen kommunistinen puolue

Communist Party Of Finland

Left Alliance
FranceParti de Gauche

Gauche Unitaire

Parti Communiste Français
Party of Left

Unitarian Left

Communist french Party
GreeceA.K.O.A. Renovative Communist and Ecological Left

Coalition of Left, of Movements and Ecology
A.K.O.A Renovative Communist and Ecological Left

Coalition of Left, of Movements and Ecology
HungaryMagyarországi Munkáspárt 2006Workers Party of Hungary 2006
ItalyPartito dei Comunisti Italiani

Partito della rifondazione comunista
Party of Italian Communist

The Communist Refoundation Party
LuxembourgDéi lénkLeft
PortugalBloco de Esquerda Portugal Left Bloc
Czech RepublicKomunisticka strana Čech a Moravy

Strana demokratického socialismu
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

The Party of Democratic Socialism
RomaniaPartidul Alianta SocialistaThe Socialist Alliance Party
SlovakiaKomunistická strana Slovenska Communist Party of Slovakia

European Greens


site :
Candidates for the Presidency of the European Commission :
Ska Keller and Bas Eickhout

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
GermanyBündnis 90 – Die Grünen Alliance 90 / The Greens
AustriaDie Grünen The Greens

BulgariaЗелените Initiative for Catalan Greens, ICV
CyprusΚίνημα Οικολόγων Περιβαλλοντιστών (KOΠ) Green party
CroatiaZelena lista Green list
DenmarkSocialistik Folkeparti (SF) People’s Socialist Party
SpainIniciativa per Catalunya Verds (ICV) Initiative for Catalan Greens
EstoniaEestimaa RohelisedInitiative for Catalan Greens, ICV
FranceEurope Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV)Europe Ecology/Greens
GreeceΟικολόγοι Πράσινοι (OP) Greens Ecologists
HungaryLehet Más a Politika (LMP)

Zöld Baloldal
Politics can be Different

Green left
IrelandGreen Party - Comhaontas Glas Green party
ItalyFederazione dei Verdi Green Federation
LatviaLatvijas Zala Partija (LZP) Green party
LuxembourgDéi Gréng The Greens
MaltaAlternattiva Demokratika Democratic Alternative

De Groene
Green left

The Greens
PolandZieloni The Greens
PortugalPartido Ecologista – Os Verdes The Greens
Czech RepublicStrana zelenych Green Party
RomaniaPartidul Verde Green Party
United KingdomGreen Party of England and Wales

Scottish Green Party
Green Party

Scottish National Party
SlovakiaStrana ZelenychGreen Party
Slovenia• Stranka mladih - Zeleni Evrope / SMS-ZeleniThe European Greens
SwedenMiljöpartiet de gröna Environment Party-The Greens






Movement for a Europe of Liberties and Democracy (MELD)


Candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission: Matteo Salvini

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
BulgariaNatzionalen Front za Spasenie na Bulgaria (NFSB) Front national pour le salut de la Bulgarie
DenmarkDansk Folkeparti (DF) Danish People’s Party
FinlandPerussuomalaiset True Finns finlandais
FranceMouvement pour la France Movement for France
GreeceΛαϊκός Ορθόδοξος Συναγερμός People’s Orthodox Alert
ItalyLega Nord

Io amo l’Italia
Northern League

I love Italy
LithuaniaTvarka ir teisingumas Order and justice
Netherlands50plus 50 Plus
PolandSolidarna Polska Poland Solidarity
SlovakiaSlovenská národná stranaSlovakian National Party

European Free Alliance (EFA)


site :
Manifesto : EFA 2014

National parties :

CountriesMember parties
GermanyBundesverband Die Friesen

Bayernpartei e.V.

Luzyska Alianca -LA

SSW -Landesverband
Federal Association from Friesen

Party from Bayerrn

Alliance Luzyska

SSW – National Association
AustriaEnotna Lista The Unity List
BelgiumProDG, Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft Belgiens

Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie
ProDG, The German-speaking Community of Belgium

The New Flemish Alliance
BulgariaOmo Llinden PirinMacedonian Unity Organisation
DenmarkSchleswigsche ParteiSchleswigsche Party
SpainBloque Nacionalista Galego

Partido andalucista

Esquerra Republicana

Unitat Catalana

PSM, Entesa Nacionalisata

Bloc Nacionalista Valencià

Chunta Aragonesista – CHA

Eusko Alkartasuna – EA


Nueva Canarias
The Galician Nationalist Bloc
Parti andalou

The Andalusian Party

The Republican Left of Catalonia

Unity of Catalonia

Socialist Party

The Valencian Nationalist Bloc

Aragonese Union

Basque Solidarity


New Canaries
FinlandAlands Framtid The futur of Aland
FranceUnion Démocratique Bretonne – UDB

Occitania, Partit occitan

Mouvement région Savoie

Unser Land, le parti alsacien

Partitu di a Nazione Corsa – PNC
The Breton Democratic Union – UDB
Party of Occitan

The Savoy Region Movement

Alsace Party, Unser Land

Party of Corsican Nation
ItalyAOSTE – Autonomie – Liberté – Participation – Ecologie

Partito Sardo d'Azione – Psd'Az

Liga Veneta Repubblica – LVR

Slovenska Skupnost – SSK

Süd-tiroler Freiheit
AOSTE – Autonomy – Freedom – Participation – Ecology

Sardinian Action Party

Venetist political Party

Slovenian Community

The South Tyrolean Freedom
LatviaPartija Par cilveka tiesibam vienota Latvija For Human Rights in United Latvia
NetherlandsFryske Nasjonale Partij - FNPThe Frisian National Party
PolandRuch Autonomii Slaska - RAS Movement for the Independance of Slaska
Czech RepublicMoravanéMoraves
United KingdomScottish National Party


SlovakiaMagyar Kereszténydemokrata SzövetségHungarian Community in Slovakia

European Democratic Party (EDP)

site :
Commission candidate: appointment on 12th March
Manifesto : FR
Download the manifesto

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
BelgiumMouvement des Citoyens pour le changement Citizens' Movement for Change
CyprusEuropaiko KommaParti démocrate européen
SpainEuzko Alderdi Jeltzalea – Partido Nacionalista Vasco Basque Nationalist Party
FranceMouvement Démocrate Democratic Movement
ItalyAlleanza per l'Italia
Alliance for Italy
PolandStronnictwo Demokratyczne Democratic Party
SlovakiaEuropska Demokraticka StranaEuropean Democratic Party

European Alliance for Freedom (EAF)

site :
Manifesto : EN

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
GermanyBürger in Wut (BIW)Citizens in Rage
AustriaFreiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ The Freedom Party of Austria
BelgiumVlaams Belang Flemish Interest
FranceFront National The National Front
United KingdomIndependent
SwedenSverigedemokraterna, SD The Sweden Democrats

Alliance of European National Movements (AENM)

site :
Commission candidate: no
Manifesto : EN

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
HungaryJobboldali Ifjúsági Közösség-Jobbik Magyarországért MozgalomThe Movement for better Hungary
ItalyMovimento Sociale-Fiamma Tricolore, MSFT Social Movement-Tricolour Flame
United KingdomBritish National Party

EUDemocrats (Alliance for a Europe of Democracies, EUD)

Site :
Manifesto : EN (2007)

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
DenmarkFolkebevægelsen mod EU The People's Movement against the EU
FinlandObunden Samling [2] (OBS)The Non-aligned Coalition
FranceDebout la République (DLR)Arise The Republic
IrelandGluaiseacht an PhobailPeople’s Movement
ItalyEuro scetticiEuro Sceptic
LatviaRICIBAS partijaParty of Action
MaltaEUD MaltaEUD of Malte
PortugalPartido Da Nova DemocraciaNew Democracy Party
SlovakiaPriama Demokratia - Hnutie Domova Direct Democracy
Slovenia• Junijska lista
EUDemocrats Slovenia
June List
EUDemocrates Slovenia
SwedenJuni Listan June List
2. Députés membres du groupe au PE, mais le parti n’est pas officiellement rattaché aux EUDemocrats

European Christian Political Movement (ECPM)

Site :
Commission candidate: no candidate
Manifesto : EN
Download the manifesto

National parties :

CountriesMember partiesTranslation
GermanyArbeit Umwelt Familie, Christen für Deutschland

Partei Bibltreuer Christen
The Party for Labour, Environment and Family - Christians for Germany

The Party of Bible-abiding Christians
BulgariaBalgarska Hristiyanska Koalitsiya

• Christian Democratic Forum
Bulgarian Christian Coalition
EstoniaErakond Eesti Kristlikud DemokraadidThe Party of Estonian Christian Democrats
LatviaKristigi Demokratiska SavienibaChristian Democratic Union

Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij
Christian Union

Reformed Political Party
RomaniaUniunea Bulgara Din Banat Bulgarian Union of the Banat
United KingdomChristian Peoples Alliance Christian Peoples Alliance