Results of the 26 May 2019 elections

Political partiesEuropean affiliationNumber of votesPercentage of votesNumber of seatsTrend compared with 2014
Democratic Assembly -DISYEPP81 53929.02 %2
Progressive Party of the Working People - AKELGUE/NGL77 24127.49 %2
Democratic Party - DIKOS&D38 75613.08 %1
Social Democratic Movement - EDEKS&D29 71510.58 %1

List of MEPs

Loukas FourlasDemocratic Assembly -DISYEPP
Lefteris ChristoforouDemocratic Assembly -DISYEPP
Costas Mavrides Democratic Party - DIKOS&D
Demetris Papadakis Social Democratic Movement - EDEKS&D
Giorgos Georgiou Progressive Party of the Working People - AKELGUE/NGL
Niyazi KızılyürekProgressive Party of the Working People - AKELGUE/NGL

Lists for the elections on 26 May 2019

Name of partyTranslationEuropean affiliationLeading candidatesWebsiteProgramme
DISY, Dimokratikos SynagermosDemocratic Assembly -DISYEPPLefteris
DIKO, Dimokratiko KommaDemocratic Party - DIKOS&DAristos
EDEK, Kinima SocialdimokratonSocial Democratic Movement - EDEKS&DDiomedes
AKEL, Anorthotiko Komma Ergazomenou LaouProgressive Party of the Working PeopleGUE/NGLGiorgos Georgiou
Συμμαχία Πολιτών - Κίνημα Οικολόγων - Συνεργασία Πολιτών Coalition: Citizens' Alliance & Ecologist Movement — Citizens' CooperationGreens/EFAAndreas
Εθνικό Λαϊκό Μέτωπο The National People's Front -ELAM/Vassiliou
Δημοκρατική Παράταξη Democratic Front/Eleftherios
Κόμμα για τα Ζώα ΚύπρουAnimal Party /Neophytos Neophytouanimalpartycyprus.orgProgramme
Οργανωση Αγωνιστων Δικαιοσυνησ (ΟΑΔ) Union of Fighters for Justice/Michalis
Πατριωτικο Κινημα Patriotic Movement/Andreas
Εθνικιστικο Απελευθερωτικο Κινημα National Liberation Movement/Maria Kalogerieakcy.comProgramme
Κινημα Γιασεμι Jasmine Movement/Ibrahim Azizjasmine.cyProgramme
Σοσιαλιστικο Κομμα Κυπρου Socialist Party of Cyprus/Mehmet Birinci


Electoral Procedures

> Election Dates : 26 May 2019
> Number of MEPs : 6
> At what age can one vote? 18 years
> At what age can one be elected? 25 years
> Who can vote? European citizens living in Cyprus.

Electoral rules

> Voting method : Preferential vote
> Means for attributing seats : D’HareNiemeyer Method
> Can candidates be chosen from a list? Yes


Institutions and political situation

Independent presidential regime
Head of State : Nicos Anastasiades


Currency: Euro
GDP (provisional): € 20.730 million (2018)
GDP per capita (PPS): € 22.200 (2017)
GDP growth: 3.9% (Q4 2018)
Unemployment: 7.4% (January 2019)
Inflation: 0.8% (February 2019)
Budget balance: -0.9% of GDP (2017)
Public debt: 110.9% of GDP (Q3 2018)
High performance sectors: services, tourism

Geography and population

Surface Area : 9250 km² (source : The CIA World Factbook)
– 864,236 inhabitants (2018)

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