Results of the 26 May 2019 European elections

Political partyEuropean affiliationNumber of votesPercentage of votesNumber of seatsTrend compared with 2014
Liberal Party (V)Renew Europe23.50 %3
Social Democrats (SD)S&D21.50 %3
People’s Socialist Party - SFGreens/EFA13.20 %2
Social-liberal PartyRenew Europe10.10 %2
Danish People’s Party (DF)ECR10.70 %1
Conservative People’s Party EPP6.20 %1
Unity List – Red-Green AllianceGUE/NGL5.50 %1New

List of MEPs

Pernille Weiss Conservative People's PartyEPP
Jeppe Kofod Social DemocratsS&D
Christel SchaldemoseSocial DemocratsS&D
Niels FuglsangSocial DemocratsS&D
Morten Løkkegaard Liberal PartyRenew Europe
Asger Christensen Liberal PartyRenew Europe
Søren GadeLiberal PartyRenew Europe
Morten Helveg Petersen Radical LeftRenew Europe
Karen MelchiorRadical LeftRenew Europe
Margrete Auken People’s Socialist PartyGreens/EFA
Kira Marie Peter-HansenPeople’s Socialist PartyGreens/EFA
Peter Kofod Danish People’s PartyID
Nikolaj Villumsen Unity List – Red-Green AllianceGUE/NGL

Lists for the elections on 26 May

Name of partyTranslationEuropean affiliationLeading candidateWebsiteProgramme
Det Konservative Folkeparti (KF)Conservative People’s Party EPPPernille Weisskonservative.dkProgramme
Socialdemokratiet (SD)Social Democrats (SD)S&DJeppe
Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti (V)Liberal Party (V)ALDEMorten Løkkegaardvenstre.dkProgramme
Radikale Venstre Radical LeftALDEMorten Helveg Petersenradikale.dkProgramme
Enhedslisten – de rød-grønneUnity List – Red-Green AllianceGUE/NGLNikolaj Villumsenenhedslisten.dkProgramme
Socialistisk Folkeparti (SF)People’s Socialist Party - SFGreens/EFAMargrete Aukensf.dkProgramme
Dansk Folkeparti (DF)Danish People’s Party (DF)EFDDPeter Kofoddanskfolkeparti.dkProgramme
Folkebevægelsen mod EUPeople’s Movement against the European Union/Rina Ronja Karifolkebevaegelsen.dkProgramme
Liberal AllianceLiberal Alliance/Mette Bockliberalalliance.dkProgramme
Alternativet (Diem25)The Alternative (DieM25)/Rasmus Nordqvistalternativet.dkProgramme

Electoral Procedures

> Election Dates : 26 May 2019
> Number of MEPs : 13
> At what age can one vote? 18 years
> At what age can one be elected? 18 years
> Who can vote? European citizens living in Denmark

Electoral rules

> Voting method : Preferential vote
> Means for attributing seats : D’Hondt Method
> Can candidates be chosen from a list? Yes


Institutions and political situation

Constitutional monarchy, unicameral democratic parliament.

Head of State: the Queen Margrethe II since 1972

Prime Minister: Mette Frederiksen


> Currency : Danish Crown (DKK) (exchange rate on December 2018: 1€ = 7.4673 DKK)
> GDP : €297,633.6 billion (2018)
> GDP per capita (PPS) : €51,400 (2018)
> GDP Growth : 2.2% (T4 2018)
> Unemployment: 5% (January 2019)
> Inflation : 1.1% (February 2019)
> Public Debt : 35.2% of GDP (T3 2018)

Geography and population

Surface Area: 43,094 km²

Population: 5,781,190 inhabitants (January 2018)

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