Results of the 26 May 2019 European elections

Political PartiesEuropean affiliationNumber of votesPercentage of votesNumber of seatsTrend compared with 2014
National Liberal Party, PNL EPP27%10
Social Democratic Party, PSD S&D22.50%8
Alliance 2020 USR PLUS Renew Europe22.36%8New
Pro Romania (PRO) S&D
People's Movement Party EPP5.76%2
Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania, RMDS EPP5.26%2

List of MEPs

Ioan-Rares Bogdan National Liberal PartyEPP
Mircea-Gheorghe HavaNational Liberal PartyEPP
Siegfried Vasile MuresanNational Liberal PartyEPP
Vasile BlagaNational Liberal PartyEPP
Adina-Ioana Valean National Liberal PartyEPP
Daniel BudaNational Liberal PartyEPP
Dan-Stefan MotreanuNational Liberal PartyEPP
Gheorge FalcaNational Liberal PartyEPP
Cristian-Silviu BusoiNational Liberal PartyEPP
Marian-Jean MarinescuNational Liberal PartyEPP
Traian Bäsescu Popular Movement PartyEPP
Eugen Tomac Popular Movement PartyEPP
Iuliu Winkler Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in RomaniaEPP
Loränt-Gy6rgy Vincze Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in RomaniaEPP
Rovana PlumbSocial Democratic PartyS&D
Carmen-Gabriel AvramSocial Democratic PartyS&D
Iulian-Claudiu MandaSocial Democratic PartyS&D
Cristian-Vasile TerhesSocial Democratic PartyS&D
Dan NicaSocial Democratic PartyS&D
Maria GrapiniSocial Democratic PartyS&D
Tudor CiuhodaruSocial Democratic PartyS&D
Adrian-Dragos BeneaSocial Democratic PartyS&D
Mihai TudosePro RomaniaS&D
Corina CretuPro RomaniaS&D
Dacian Julien CiolosAlliance 2020 USR PLUSRenew Europe
Cristian Ghinea Alliance 2020 USR PLUSRenew Europe
Dragos-Nicolae PislaruAlliance 2020 USR PLUSRenew Europe
Clotilde-Marie-Brigitte ArmandAlliance 2020 USR PLUSRenew Europe
Ioan-Dragos TudoracheAlliance 2020 USR PLUSRenew Europe
Nicolae-Bogdanel StefanutaAlliance 2020 USR PLUSRenew Europe
Vlad-Marius BotosAlliance 2020 USR PLUSRenew Europe
Ramona-Victoria Strugariu Alliance 2020 USR PLUSRenew Europe
Elected MEP after Brexit
Victor NegrescuSocial Democratic PartyS&D

Lists for the elections on 26 May 2019

Name of partyTranslationEuropean affiliationLeading candidateWebsiteProgramme
Romániai Magyar Demokrata SzövetségDemocratic Union of Hungarians in Romania, RMDSEPPIuliu Winklerrmdsz.roProgramme
Partidul Mișcarea PopularăPopular Movement Party EPPTraian Basescu pmponline.roProgramme
Partidul National LiberalNational Liberal Party, PNLEPPRareş
Partidul Social DemocratSocial Democratic Party, PSDS&DRovana Plumb
Alianța Liberalilor și Democraților (ALDE)Alliance of Liberals and DemocratsALDE
Pro Romania (PRO)Pro Romania (PRO)ECRVictor Ponta proromania.roProgramme
Partidul Socialist Român Socialist Romanian PartyGUE/NGLMarin Badeapsr.roProgramme
Alianța 2020 USR PLUSAlliance 2020 USR PLUS/Dacian Ciolosusrplus.roProgramme
Partidul România Unita United Romania Party/Mihai-Bogdan Diaconuproromania.roProgramme
Partidul PRODEMOParty PRODEMO/Catalin-Sorin Ivan
Brocului Unitatii Nationale – BUN Block of National Unity/Alexandru-Gabriel Vulpoiubundecentenar.roProgramme
Partidul social democrat independentIndependent Social Democrat Party/Cornel-George Comsa
Partidul Uniunea Națională pentru Progresul RomânieiNational Union for the Progress of Romania/

Electoral Procedures

> Election Dates : 26 May 2019
> Number of MEPs: 32
> At what age can one vote? 18 years
> At what age can one be elected? 23 years
> Who can vote? European citizens living in Romania

Electoral rules

> Voting method : Closed list
> Means for attributing seats : D’Hondt Method
> Can candidates be chosen from a list? No

Institutions and political situation

Semi-presidential republic
Head of State : Klaus Iohannis
Prime Minister : Viorica Dăncilă


> Currency : the leu (RON) (rate in January 2019: 1 € = 4.7271 RON)
> GDP : € 202,079.4 million (2018) Provisional
> GDP per capita (PPS) : € 10,300 (2018) Provisional
> GDP Growth : 4% (T4 2018)
> Unemployment: 3.9% (January 2019)
> Inflation : 4.0% (February 2019)
> Public Debt : 33.9% of GDP (T3 2018)

Geography and population

Surface Area : 237 500 km² (source : The CIA World Factbook)
– 19.5 million inhabitants (2018)

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