Results of the 26 May 2019 European elections

Political partiesEuropean affiliationNumber of votesPercentage of votesNumber of seatsTrend compared with 2014
Swedish Social Democratic PartyS&D974589 23.48%5
Moderate PartyEPP69877016.83%4
Sweden DemocratsECR63687715.34 %3
Green PartyGreens/EFA47825811.52 %2
Centre PartyRenew Europe44764110.78 %2
Christian DemocratsEPP3578568.62 %2
Left PartyGUE/NGL2823006.80 %1
The LiberalsRenew Europe1714194.13 %1

List of MEPs

Tomas Tobé Moderate PartyEPP
Jörgen Warborn Moderate PartyEPP
Jessica Polfjärd Moderate PartyEPP
Arba Kokalari Moderate Party EPP
Sara SkyttedalChristian DemocratsEPP
David LegaChristian DemocratsEPP
Heléne FritzonSwedish Social Democratic PartyS&D
Johan DanielssonSwedish Social Democratic PartyS&D
Jytte GutelandSwedish Social Democratic PartyS&D
Erik BergkvistSwedish Social Democratic PartyS&D
Evin IncirSwedish Social Democratic PartyS&D
Fredrick FederleyCentre PartyRenew Europe
Abir Al-SahlaniCentre PartyRenew Europe
Karin KarlsbroThe LiberalsRenew Europe
Pär HolmgrenGreen PartyGreens/EFA
Alice Bah KuhnkeGreen PartyGreens/EFA
Peter Lundgren Sweden DemocratsECR
Jessica StegrudSweden DemocratsECR
Charlie Weimers Sweden DemocratsECR
Malin BjörkLeft PartyGUE/NGL

Lists for the elections on 26 May 2019

Name of partyTranslationEuropean affiliationLeading candidateWebsiteProgramme
Moderata SamlingspartietModerate PartyEPPTomas Tobé moderat.seProgramme
KristdemokraternaChristian DemocratsEPPSara Skyttedalkristdemokraterna.seProgramme
Arbetarepartiet-Socialdemokraterna SAPSwedish Social Democratic PartyS&DHeléne Fritzon socialdemokraterna.seProgramme
Feministiskt initiativFeminist InitiativeS&DSoraya Postfeministisktinitiativ.seProgramme
Sverigedemokraterna (SD)Sweden DemocratsECRPeter Lundgrensd.seProgramme
LiberalernaThe LiberalsALDEKarin Karlsbroliberalerna.seProgramme
CenterpartietCentre PartyALDEFredrick Federleycenterpartiet.seProgramme
VänsterpartietLeft PartyGUE/NGLMalin Björkvansterpartiet.seProgramme
Miljöpartiet de grönaGreen PartyGreens/EFAAlice Bah Kuhnke mp.seProgramme
VoltVolt/Michael Holzvolt.seProgramme
Alternativ för SverigeAlternative for Sweden/Gustav Kasselstrandutur.seProgramme
Basinkomstpartiet Party for the basic income/Jan Jägerbasinkomstpartiet.se
Common Sense in Sweden/Erik Steen
DirektdemokraternaDirect Democracy/Thomas Larssondirektdemokraterna.se
Djurens parti Animalist Party/Therese Ericssondjurensparti.seProgramme
Europeiska ArbetarpartietEuropean Workers Party/Kjell Lundqvistlarouche.se
Klassiskt liberala partiet Classic Liberal Party/Henrik Alexanderssonliberalapartiet.seProgramme
Kristna Värdepartiet The Party of Christian Values/Patrik Tikkanenkristnavardepartiet.seProgramme
Kustkult /Johan Magnus von Malmborg
Landsbygdspartiet OberoendeIndependent Rural Party/Claes Littorinlandsbygdspartiet.se
Medborgerlig Samling Citizens Coalition/Fredrik Sandermedborgerliksamling.seProgramme
NY REFORM/Maryam Barkadehi
Partiet Vändpunkt Party of the turning point/Kitty Ehnpartietvandpunkt.seProgramme
Piratpartiet Pirate Party/Mattias Bjärnemalmpiratpartiet.seProgramme
Skånepartiet Party Scania/Carl P Herslowskanepartiet.se
Solens Frihetsparti Party of the Sun's Freedom/Aldo Colliandersolensfrihetsparti.se
Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti Swedish Communist Party/Lars Lundbergskp.seProgramme
Sverige ut ur EU/Frihetliga Rättvisepartiet Sweden out of the EU/ Party of the freedom/Valentin Ernesto Cueto Toro
Vi Socialkonservativa We, Social Conservatives/Rickard Wall
Valsamverkanspartiet /Martin Gustavsson

Reminder of the European 2014 results

Political PartiesEuropean
of votes cast
of MEPs
Social Democratic Party (SAP)S&D24,4%6
Environment Party – the Greens (MP)G/EFA15,3%3
Moderate Assembly Party (M)EPP13,6%3
People’s Party – the Liberals (FpL)ALDE10%2
Swedish Democrats (DS)NI9,7%2
Center party (C)ALDE6,5%1
Left Party (Vp)GUE/NGL6,3%1
Christian Democratic PartyEPP6%1
Feminist initiativeOthers5,3%1

Electoral Procedures

> Election Dates : 26 May 2019
> Number of MEPs: 21
> At what age can one vote? 18 years
> At what age can one be elected? 18 Years
> Who can vote? Swedish citizens having voting rights for national elections and European citizens living in Sweden.

Electoral rules

> Voting method : Représentation proportionnelle (vote préférentiel)
> Means for attributing seats : Sainte Lagüe Method
> Can candidates be chosen from a list? Yes

List of MEPs

Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats)
Lars ADAKTUSSON Kristdemokraterna
Anna Maria CORAZZA BILDTModeraterna
Christofer FJELLNERModeraterna
Gunnar HÖKMARKModeraterna
Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and
Jytte GUTELANDArbetarepartiet- Socialdemokraterna
Anna HEDHArbetarepartiet- Socialdemokraterna
Olle LUDVIGSSONArbetarepartiet- Socialdemokraterna
Aleksander GABELICArbetarepartiet- Socialdemokraterna
Soraya POSTFeministiskt initiativ
Marita ULVSKOGArbetarepartiet- Socialdemokraterna
Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Fredrick FEDERLEYCenterpartiet
Jasenko SELIMOVICFolkpartiet liberalerna
Cecilia WIKSTRÖMFolkpartiet liberalerna
Confederal Group of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left
Malin BJÖRKVänsterpartiet
Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance
Max ANDERSSONMiljöpartiet de gröna
Bodil CEBALLOSMiljöpartiet de gröna
Jakop DALUNDEMiljöpartiet de gröna
Linnéa ENGSTRÖMMiljöpartiet de gröna
Europe of freedom and direct democracy Group
Peter LUNDGREN Sverigedemokraterna
Kristina WINBERGSverigedemokraterna

Institutions and political situation

Constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy
Head of State : Charles Gustave XVI
Prime Minister : Stefan Löfven


> Currency : Swedish crown (exchange rate on June 2018 : 1€ = 10.271 SEK)
> GDP : 445 910 millions € (2017)
> GDP per capita (PPS) : 32 200 € (2012)
> GDP Growth : 2,3% (2017)
> Unemployment: 6,4% (August 2018, data adjusted to seasonal variations)
> Inflation : 2.5 % (September 2018, annual inflation rate)
> Public Debt: 38.2% of the GDP (Q2 2018)

Geography and population

Surface Area : 450 295 km² (source : The CIA World Factbook)
– 10.1 million inhabitants (Eurostat, 1st January 2018)

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