The Parliamentary Committees

The 20 parliamentary committees of the European Parliament are the “specialised” entities in which most of the legislative work is undertaken. They meet publicly once or twice a month in Brussels to prepare community legislation (regulations, directives, etc.).

For each legislative text put forward by the European Commission, the competent committee at the European Parliament appoints a “rapporteur” who writes a draft report, which he presents to the members of his parliamentary committee. Together they study and suggest amendments to the draft before adopting them via a vote.

The report, which is approved by the committee, is then ready for adoption during the plenary session.

The political distribution of the committee members reflects the political composition of the European Parliament.

All of the MEPs are members of a parliamentary committee and substitute members of another.

The European Parliament can also create temporary committees (e.g. the temporary committee on climate change), sub-committees (e.g. the Security and Defence sub-committee, which answers to the Foreign Affairs Commission), as well as Committees of Inquiry, and special committees.

The Special Committees

The special committees are temporary entities created to deal with specific problems. The Parliament can create these committees at any time with a mandate of 12 months that can be extended.

A special committee on terrorism was set up on 14th September 2017.

A special committee on the procedure to authorise the use of pesticides by the Union was established on 2nd February 2018.

A special committee on financial crime, tax fraud and tax evasion was established on 1st March 2018.

Prior to this there was a special committee on:
• Tax rulings and other similar measures due to their nature or their effect (TAXE) established on 12th February 2015, whose work was finalised on 30th November 2015.
• Tax Rulings and other similar measures due to their nature or their effect (TAXE 2) established on 2nd December 2015, whose work was finalised on 2nd August 2016.

The Committee of Inquiry

The Committees of Inquiry, whose powers are based on the European Parliament’s supervisory power are responsible for investigating breaches of community law or allegations of poor administration in the implementation of EU law.

Two Committees of Inquiry have been established during this legislature 2014-2019 :
• on the measurement of emissions in the automotive sector (EMIS) established on 17th December 2015, whose work was finalised on 4th April 2017.
• on money laundering, tax avoidance and tax fraud (PANA) established on 8th June 2016, whose work was finalised on 13th December 2017.
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Standing Committees

Since October 2018, the Chairs and Vice- Chairs of the committees have been:

Foreign Affairs (AFET):
Chair : David McALLISTER, EPP, Germany
Vice-Chair : Anders Primdahl VISTISEN, ECR, Denmark -Javier COUSO PERMUY, GUE-NGL, Spain -Andi CRISTEA, S&D, Romania -Dubravka ŠUICA, EPP, Croatia

Development (DEVE):
Chair : Linda McAVAN, S&D, United Kingdom
Vice-Chairs : Maurice PONGA, EPP, France -Mirija VEHKAPERÄ, ALDE, Finland -Stelios KOULOGLOU, GUE-NGL, Greece -Nirj DEVA, ECR, United Kingdom

International Trade (INTA):
Chair : Bernd LANGE, S&D, Germany
Vice-Chairs : Tokia SAÏFI, EPP, France -Yannick JADOT, Greens-EFA, France -Iuliu WINKLER, EPP, Romania -Jan ZAHRADIL, ECR, Czech Republic

Budgets (BUDG):
Chair : Jean ARTHUIS, ALDE, France
Vice-Chairs ; Petri SARVAMAAPPE Finland – Jens GEIER S&D Germany – Siegfried MUREŞAN EPP, Romania – Monika HOHLMEIER EPP Germany

Budgetary Control (CONT):
Chair : Ingeborg GRÄSSLE, EPP, Germany
Vice-Chairs : Derek VAUGHAN, S&D, United Kingdom -Indrek TARAND, Greens-EFA, Estonia -Martina DLABAJOVÁ, ALDE, Czech Republic -Cătălin Sorin IVAN, NI, Romania

Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON):
Chair : Roberto GUALTIERI, S&D, Italy
Vice-Chairs : Brien HAYES, EPP, Ireland – Peter SIMON, S&D, Germany – Kay SWINBURNE, ECR, United Kingdom – Luděk NIEDERMAYER, EPP, Czech Republic

Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) :
Chair : Thomas HÄNDEL, GUE-NGL, Germany
Vice-Chairs : Marita ULVSKOG, S&D, Sweden -Claude ROLIN, EPP, Belgium -Renate WEBER, ALDE, Romania -Agnes JONGERIUS, S&D, Netherlands

Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI):
Chair : Adina-Loana VĂLEAN, EPP, Romania
Vice-Chairs : Benedek JÁVOR, Greens-EFA, Hungary -Daciana Octavia SÂRBU, S&D, Romania -Pavel POC, S&D, Czech Republic -Gilles PARGNEAUX, S&D, France

Industry, Rechearch and Energy (ITRE) :
Chair : Jerzy BUZEK, EPP, Poland
Vice-Chairs : Patrizia TOIA, S&D, Italy -Hans-Olad HENKEL, ECR, Germany -Jaromir KOHLÍČEK, GUE-NGL, Czech Republic -Morten Helveg PETERSEN, ALDE, Denmark

Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO):
President: Anneleen Van Bossuyt (ECR, Belgique)
Vice-presidents: Anna Maria CORAZZA BILDT, PPE, Sweeden – Dita CHARANZOVA, ADLE, Czech-Republic – Catherine STIHLER, S&D, United-Kingdom – Sergio GUTIÉRREZ PRIETO S&D Spain

Transport and Tourism (TRAN) :
Chair : Karima DELLI, Greens-EFA, France
Vice-Chairs : Dominique RIQUET, ALDE, France -Dieter-Lebrecht KOCH, EPP, Germany -Tomasz Piotr PORĘBA, ECR, Poland -István UJHELYI, S&D, Hungary

Regional Development (REGI) :
Chair : Iskra MIHAYLOVA, ALDE, Bulgaria
Vice-Chairs : -Younous OMARJEE, GUE-NGL, France -Joachim ZELLER, EPP, Germany -Pascal ARIMONT, EPP, Belgium -Andrea COZZOLINO, S&D, Italy

Agriculture (AGRI) :
Chair : Czeslaw Adam SIEKIERSKI, EPP, Poland
Vice-Chairs : Paolo DE CASTRO, S&D, Italy -Zbigniew KUŹMIUK, ECR, Poland -Clara Eugenia AGUILERA GARCIA, S&D, Spain -Maria Gabriela ZOANĂ, S&D, Romania

Fisheries (PECH):
Chair : Alain CADEC, EPP, France
Vice-Chairs : Linnéa ENGSTRÖM, Greens-EFA, Sweden -Jaroslaw WAŁĘSA, EPP, Poland -Werner KUHN, EPP, Germany -Renata BRIANO, S&D, Italy

Culture and Education (CULT)) :
Chair : Petra KAMMEREVERT, S&D, Germany
Vice-Chairs : -Andrea BOCSKOR, EPP, Hungary -Mircea DIACONU, ALDE, Romania -Helga TRÜPEL, Greens-EFA, Germany -Stefano MAULLU, EPP, Italy

Legal Affairs (JURI) :
Chair : Pavel SVOBODA, EPP, Czech Republic
Vice-Chairs : Lidia Joanna GERINGER de OEDENBERG, S&D, Poland -Jean-Marie CAVADA, ALDE, France -Laura FERRARA, EFD, Italy -Mady DELVAUX, S&D, Luxembourg

Civil Liberties (LIBE):
Chair : Claude MORAES, S&D, United Kingdom
Vice-Chairs : Kinga GÁL, EPP, Hungary -Sergei STANISHEV, S&D, Bulgaria -Judith SARGENTINI, Greens/EFA, Netherlands -Barbara KUDRYCKA, EPP, Poland

Constitutional Affairs (AFCO):
Chair : Danuta Maria HÜBNER, EPP, Poland
Vice-Chairs : Barbara SPINELLI, GUE-NGL, Italy -Pedro SILVA PEREIRA, S&D, Portugal -Morten MESSERSCHMIDT, ECR, Denmark -Markus PIEPER, EPP, Germany

Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) :
Chair : Vilija BLINKEVIČIŪTĖ, S&D, Lithuania
Vice-Chairs : Barbara MATERA, EPP, Italy -João PIMENTA LOPES, GUE-NGL, Portugal -Mary HONEYBALL, S&D, United Kingdom -Jana ŽITŇANSKÁ, ECR, Slovakia

Pétitions (PETI):
Chair : Cecilia WIKSTRÖM, ALDE, Sweden
Vice-Chair : Rosa ESTARAS FERRAGUT, EPP, Spain -Roberta METSOLA, EPP, Malta -Marlene MIZZI, S&D, Malta -Pál CSÁKY, EPP, Slovakia
Within the AFET committee there are two sub-committees:

Within the Foreign Affairs Committee there are two sub-committees:
Human Rights (DROI) :
Chair : Pier Antonio PANZERI, S&D, Italy
Vice-Chairs : Cristian Dan PREDA, EPP, Romania -Beatriz BECERRA BASTERRECHEA, ALDE, Spain -László TŐKÉS, EPP, Hungary -Barbara LOCHBIHLER, Greens-EFA, Germany

Security and Defence (SEDE):
Chair : Anna Elżbieta FOTYGA ECR Poland
Vice-Chairs: Christian EHLER EPP, Germany- Jaromír ŠTĚTINA EPP, Czech Republic – Clare MOODY S&D , United Kingdom – Sabine LÖSING GUE/NGL Germany
Special Committees

Chair: Nathalie GRIESBECK, ALDE, France
Vice-Chairs : Elena VALENCIANO, S&D, Spain – Judith SARGENTINI, Greens/EFA, Netherlands – Jeroen LENAERS, EPP, Netherlands – Geoffrey VAN ORDEN, ECR, United Kingdom

EU authorisation procedure for pesticides (PEST)
Chair : Eric ANDRIEU, S&D, France
Vice-Chairs : Boleslaw G. PIECHA, ECR, Poland – Frédérique RIES, ALDE, Belgium – Kateřina KONEČNÁ, GUE/NGL, Czech Republic

Financial crime, tax fraud and tax avoidance (TAX 3)
Chair : Petr JEŽEK, ALDE, Czech Republic
Vice-Chairs : Roberts ZĪLE, ECR, Latvia – Eva JOLY, Greens/EFA, France – Esther de LANGE, EPP, Netherlands – Ana GOMES, S&D, Portugal

Distribution of Women in Parliament

Member statesNumber of European DeputiesNumber of women%
United kingdom733142.47
Czech Republic21523.81
Source : Fondation Robert Schuman ©